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FLAC vs. MP3: Which format should you use and when should you use it?

Ever wonder what the differences are between the FLAC audio format and the MP3 format? Why are FLAC format files typically larger? 

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When it comes to headphone jacks, the LG V30 will be the anti-iPhone

The return of the Quad DAC will be accompanied by digital filters and more sonic customization

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EarTrumpet is the Windows 10 volume control app Microsoft should have created

An awesome utility to improve audio in Windows 10

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Apple Music’s lossless and spatial audio comes to select Android phones

On July 21, Apple released a new version of the Apple Music app for Android, bringing it up to date with the latest iOS features, specifically Apple’s support for both lossless audio and spatial audio via Dolby Atmos Music.

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How To Connect Headphones To A TV

In the past, hooking up a set of headphones to a TV was as simple as locating the headphone jack and plugging in your cans. But newer TVs are dropping analog outputs faster than Taylor Swift can debut new albums, and that has left some folks wondering how they can enjoy their TVs and still listen using headphones. But all hope is not lost.

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How To Play FLAC Files On All Of Your IOS Devices For The Best Lossless Sound

What are FLAC files, and what are their advantages? (Note: If you’re already generally familiar with FLAC files, feel free to skip to the next section.)

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My new EyeTV set-up, and why Comcast's digital transition is a pain

On Monday, Colorado cable customers transitioned into a new digital world. Comcast switched off analog access to all but its most basic channels, i.e. the ones that they are still required to carry by law, and killed the clear-QAM signal that has made it possible for my EyeTV tuner to schedule and record TV for...

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Best Stores To Buy MP3 And Digital Music You Own Forever

Streaming music from a service like Spotify or Apple Music is great, but it's not always convenient. For example, you'll need a solid internet connection. And while you can download songs for offline play...

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